CT-782 "Hevy"

CT-782 or "Hevy", was a Clone Trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic.


Hevy was born and bred on Kamino. He was put in the Domino Squad, and trained with them.

He became a heavy weapons expert, earning him his nickname, and became rather reckless and difficult. They usually didn't work together, and failed most of their training practices. After failing the final test, he became extremely upset. However, a malformed clone named 99 told him that he and his team should work together, and they would be able to pass. Convinced, Hevy worked with his teammates when they were given a rerun of the test. They nearly failed because their instructor Bric took away their grapples, but Hevy used the gun turrets on the tower to climb, ultimately winning the test, which made him and his squad Clone Troopers.

Before leaving, he gave 99 his medal for helping him through the test.

He and the squad were then assigned to the Rishi Moon outpost, under the command of Sergeant CT-19-7409. Hevy hated his assignment, mostly because nothing happened there, which left him bored. However, during a meteor shower, droid ships landed and dropped off commando droids, who invaded the post after killing CT-327. They then entered, and killed CT-00-2010, and Nub. CT-19-7409 warned Hevy and the others to escape, before he was killed by three Commando droids. Hevy escaped, along with CT-27-5555, CT-21-0408, and CT-4040.

However, CT-4040 was killed and eaten by a Rishi Eel, and left them helpless. They met up with two ARC Trooper officers named CC-2224, and CC-7567, who came to inspect the outpost, but discovered it was invaded after they confronted a Commando droid. After telling them who they were, they were attacked by another Eel, but CC-7567 killed it with his blaster. They decided to team up and take the outpost.

After CC-7567 tricked the droids into letting them in, they came and destroyed the remaining Commando Droids. However, a group of B1 Battle Droids and B2 Super Battle Droids landed, and the Clone officers ordered to destroy the base. They set up all of their explosives, but the detonater wouldn't function, so Hevy decided to stay and fix it. He destroyed most of the droids, but ran out of ammo. After throwing it away, he was wounded in the leg. One droid asked if they took prisoners, but Hevy said "I don't", and detonated the charges, killing himself, and destroying the base.