CC-7567, or Rex was the Clone trooper Captain of

CC-7567, "Rex"

the most elite legion of troops. He is a loyal trooper and never gives up. He fought in lots of battles including the Battle of Christophisis. He is good friends with CC-2224 or Commander Cody.
434px-Rex-SWErelated (1)

CC-7567 in his customized Phase II Armor


CC-7567 participated in many battles in the Republic. The most famous one was the Battle Of Umbara. Rex and his troops were set to take the Umbaran Capital. They successfully took out the Airbase but caught Krell as Dooku's pawn. They fought Krell, losing many men, but killed Krell. Resulting in the Victory of the Republic.

Armor and Equipment

  • Captain Rex has two sets of armor: His standard one (pictured on the left), and a cold assault suit.
  • He carries two DC-17 Hand Blasters.
  • His helmet has Jaig Eyes (battle honors).
  • He wears a command pauldron and a kama (blaster-proof battle skirts).


  • During the Defense on Maridun, he carried a DC-15A Blaster Rifle.
  • His cold assault armor is similar to his standard armor.
    572px-Clones Orto Plutonia

    Rex in Cold Assault Gear.