This article is about the Commander, You might be looking for the Sergeant CS-1004.


Gree in his Phase 1 Clone trooper armour

CC-1004, or Gree was a Senor Clone Commander who served the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.


He was under Yoda and commanded the 41st Elite Corps and fought in many battles including the Battle of Kashyyyk. When the Emperor activated Order 66, Gree and another Clone moved in to kill Yoda, but Gree and the other Clone were swiftly decapitated by Yoda, killing Gree. CC-1004 and CS-1004 both have same numbers


  • His phase II armor set was actually silver instead of white.
  • His boots were the same boots utilized by the Clone Shadow Trooper.
  • His phase II armor visor that makes him a Jet Clone Trooper.

it is green.