ARC Trooper Blitz

"Blitz" is the nickname of a Clone ARC Trooper Commander from the Clone Wars.


Blitz was born a human clone to Bounty Hunter Jango Fett.

He eventually was trained as an ARC Trooper, and eventually achieved the rank of Commander. He was stationed on Kamino to oversee Clone training with Commander Colt, a Captain and Havoc

During the Clone Wars, he oversaw the training of the Domino Squad, which was a difficult team that had argumentitive members. The squad nearly failed the test, but Jedi General Shaak Ti allowed them to retake it. The squad eventually finished, and Blitz, and the other commanders witnessed them graduating.

He later participated at the Second Battle of Kamino. They met heavy assaults, and Colt, and the Lieutenant were killed. They were able to hold them off, and while the Captain defended the Hanger, Colt took three ARF Troopers to destroy a trident drill. They eventually won the battle, and Blitz and th other ARC Trooper were the only ARC Trooper survivors.


  • Rangefinder
  • DC-15A Blaster Rifle
  • Command Pauldron
  • Kama


  • Blitz had diamonds on his kama