ARC-77 "Fordo"

ARC-77, or "Fordo", was an Advanced Recon Commando Captain who served during the Clone Wars..


Fordo was born on Kamino as a Human Clone, and was designated as an ARC Trooper. He eventually reached the rank of Captain, and was given command of a certain squad in the ARC Troopers. During the Clone Wars, he and his squad were given a mission on Muunilinst for the Battle of Muunilinst, and he was tasked as the Task Force Commander. His squad was named the "Muunilinst 10". He and the Muunilinst 10 entered Muunilinst's atmosphere, but were shot down. His squad survived, and were attacked by Sniper fire. They were able to take them out with Rocket Launchers. They then encountered an AAT, but one of his Lieutenants was able to jump inside, and took out the crew, and damaged it internally. Fordo then found a Cannon, and he and the Muunilinst 10 wiped out the Battle Droids guarding it. They then destroyed the cannon with a detonator. They then rendezvoused with Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi at Hill's tower, and raided the Banking Clan's headquarters. Fordo captured Chairman San Hill. However, a Bounty Hunter named Durge attacked them, and somehow sucked General Kenobi into his body. Fordo zapped Durge with a grappeling hook, but the enraged Gen'Dia knocked away the cable, launching Fordo into the wall. Durge then charged Fordo, but Obi-Wan was able to use the force to make Durge combust and tear apart, saving Fordo. They eventually won the battle, and took San Hill into custody.